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using chasing ice in the classroom

We made Chasing Ice to help people realize the impact climate change is having on the natural world and humanity We believe engaging next generation in discussion around solutions to the climate crisis is key, and those conversations can start in the classroom.

The Chasing Ice team was pleased to worked with Earth Day Network to create educational guides for multiple age groups to accompany the film. We hope these resources help to invigorate discussions around climate issues. We recommend sharing the film with your students to kick off the conversation.

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getting the picture Tool

Earth Vision Institute has created a free interactive educational tool for educators and students of all ages, to gain a fresh perspective on our biggest global challenge: our changing climate. 

Getting The Picture offers a modern, interdisciplinary approach to teaching climate science. Especially useful for middle and high school levels, this educational content extends far beyond Earth science alone and incorporates the arts, social and natural sciences.

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Lesson plans & other resources

doc academy

Doc Academy has thoughtfully crafted lesson plans based on the film Chasing Ice, accompanied by 6 clips. Available for free in the US, UK, and Ireland.

waterBear Network

Waterbear offers a 35 minute educational version of the film Chasing Ice. Simply register a free account to access the film as well as their full library.

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