Take Action

We need your voice

When Chasing Ice was made in 2012, we hoped it would be a wake up call. Now, the climate emergency has migrated to the forefront of the environmental and political worlds. It’s more important than ever to take action. While it may feel daunting, we truly believe in the power of collective action.

No matter how big or small the action, it counts.

The choices we make today can have a positive impact for years to come.

To help get you started, we’ve listed a few ways you can get involved today.

Raise Awareness

Studies have shown that person-to-person advertising is far more impactful than any digital media, so imagine the difference you could make with one climate conversation! Sharing the film is a great place to start.

Host a screening

empower youth

get educated

Host a Chasing Ice impact screening in your community to kickstart the climate conversation.

Use our educational materials to share Chasing Ice and inspire youth-led solutions.

Navigate to our the Issue page to learn more about what’s happening in the Arctic.

Change the system

In order to tackle this critical issue, individual action and education is crucial, but so is systemic change. The role of politicians is to convey and execute the desires of their constituents at an institutional level, so let them know that you want change and you want it now. Trust us, it works!

Know your reps

pledge to vote

use your voice

Become an informed voter by learning what your representative plans to do for our climate.

15 million U.S. registered voters care about environmental issues, but don’t turn out to vote.

Organizations like Citizens Climate Lobby are working to empower us to take matters into our own hands.

Want to learn how film can make a difference?

Learn more about Chasing Ice’s impact campaign here!