Share Your Voice

Everyone has a voice. Now is  the time to share your voice with our friends, family and political leaders to bring awareness to climate change.

Together, we can share our voices and support our political leaders to take action on climate change.

Personal Actions

  • Personal

    -Buy produce and products from local businesses
    -Reduce the use of plastic: Bring your own bag, water bottle & coffee mug
    -Use your vote to support political leaders who act on climate legislation
    -Calculate your carbon footprint and take action to lower it
    -Talk to your friends, family, community and political representatives about climate issues
  • Home

    -Plug electronics into power strips and turn off strips when not in use (saves energy and money!)
    -Dry clothing outside or on a drying rack in the winter
    -Regulate your thermostat when you are out of the house
    -Choose energy efficient appliances and insulate your house
    -Select a energy company that uses alternative energy sources
  • Transportation

    -Walk or ride your bike to work and around town for small errands
    -Lower your fuel consumption: Use public transportation and carpool
    -Consider carbon offsets for your travel
    -Drive less and invest in fuel-efficient vehicles
    -Support responsible airlines that promote sustainability

Host A Screening

Home Screenings Kits

Chasing Ice is now available for private home and group screenings. If you are interested in hosting your own screening for a small group (1-15 people), visit the Chasing Ice store to purchase our screening package, discussion guide and Q&A documents.

Non-Theatrical Screening Packages

If you are interested in large group screenings for an institution, university or corporate event, licensing options are now available on the Chasing Ice store.

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