The Chasing Ice Call to Action.


After hosting hundreds of screenings of Chasing Ice around the world, our team believes that the only way to make progress on climate change is to get our political leaders to understand the science.

Dear Congressman Tiberi: A response to your science questions.

The Chasing Ice Team responds to Congressman Pat Tiberi’s questions about the scientific consensus around climate change. Featuring clips from Chasing Ice as well as new animations explaining the status of peer-reviewed scientific literature, as well as the hundreds of official scientific organizations from around the world that support the statement that humans are causing this round of climate change.

Reverend prays for Congressman Tiberi.

Faith-based leaders around the nation and around the world have joined together to pray for our political leaders to care for creation and climate change. In this video Reverend, Jeff Jaynes prays for Congressman Pat Tiberi and other political representatives at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio, April 2014.

Mayor Coleman: “Climate change impacts everyone in America” 

During the founder’s award ceremony at the Columbus Zoo on Earth Day 2014. Mayor Coleman expresses deep concern about climate change impacts in central Ohio and world wide. Mayor Coleman shares his concerns about political climate change deniers.

Chasing Ice Testimonials.

Chasing Ice Changing Lives.