James Billmaier

Associate Producer

Associate Producer

James Billmaier is the author of the recently released JOLT! The Impending Dominance of the Electric Vehicle and Why America Must Take Charge. James is a founding partner of Charge Northwest, a company focused on hardware, software and consulting solutions for electric vehicle charging infrastructure; a founding partner in Patent Navigation, Inc an intellectual property advisory company; and recently Chairman and CEO of Melodeo, Inc, the leading cloud based media platform company acquired by the Hewlett Packard Corporation in late 2010.

James is a 30 year technology veteran and inventor of over 80 granted and pending patents. James currently sits on the Board of Directors of two venture backed companies and is an angel technology investor as well as a Limited Partner in a Seattle based Venture Capital firm.

James has served as Chairman and CEO of three companies including Asymetrix which he led to a successful IPO in 1998 and Digeo, Inc which he co-founded with Microsoft legend, Paul Allen. At Digeo, James became the only entrepreneur to ever win back-to-back EMMY awards for technical achievement.

Prior to moving to the Pacific Northwest, James was Vice President and General Manager of Sun Microsystem’s Networking Division, leading the efforts of Sun’s first internet offerings, the development of TCP/IP the backbone protocol of the Internet, as well introducing the JAVA programming language to the world. He also held executive leadership positions at MIPS Computer Systems and Digital Equipment Corporation.

James is a graduate of Santa Clara University.