Rep. Tiberi Declares Climate Change a Problem

June 12, 2014

During the Chasing Ice Ohio Tour in Spring 2014, Congressman Tiberi reached out to multiple constituents as well as the Chasing Ice team in response to questions about his stance on climate change. Prior to the Ohio Tour, the Congressman was listed as a climate change denier who did not feel there was a consensus on the science. However, his latest statement is:

“A global problem requires a global solution. An effective solution requires that all countries agree to participate together. I would like to see us address climate change in a balanced manner, on as broad of front as possible” 
Director Jeff Orlowski’s response to the news: “We thank the Congressman for acknowledging the reality of climate change and embracing the science. This comment was made in response to the hundreds of constituents sharing their concerns on this issues. Please continue to share your voice with the Congressman and your support for climate action.

Announcing our new website!

In response to meeting directly with Congressman Tiberi and his staff, we developed and launched a new website to share the voices of local residents and address questions and concerns to the Congressman: See all the messages from the public that we collected throughout the tour.

New videos for Congressman Tiberi

1. The Chasing Ice Team responds to Congressman Pat Tiberi’s questions about the scientific consensus around climate change. Click here to watch.
2. Reverend Jeff Jaynes prays for Congressman Pat Tiberi and other political representative at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio, April 2014. Click here to watch.
3. The Chasing Ice Team has posted our “Call to Action” video for Ohio residents. Click here to watch.
4. Mayor Coleman expresses his deep concern about climate change impacts in central Ohio as well as his concerns about political climate change deniers. Click here to watch.

Host a Summer Screening Event!

Free materials and DVDs with a special call to action video from Director Jeff Orlowski are still available for Ohio residents. Want to host an event? Just fill out our online screening form.

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