Chasing Ice – 2014 Emmy® Award Winners!

Chasing Ice is honored to have received the 2014 News and Documentary Emmy® award for Outstanding Nature Programming.

The film made its TV debut on the National Geographic Channel on April 19, 2013. Since that day, Chasing Ice has screened in more than 172 countries and on all 7 continents.

We are so grateful for all of our supporters like you who helped make this night possible for our team! We were very fortunate to have worked with an incredible group of people throughout the creation and distribution of this film. Thank you to everyone who contributed their time and amazing skill sets.

Photo Credit: Marc Bryan-Brown Photography

On Ice: Jeff Orlowski – Mojeh Men Dubai

September 1, 2014

Since its release in 2012, Chasing Ice has been setting the benchmark for natural-world documentary filmmaking. Charting photographer James Balog as he sets out on his Extreme Ice Survey the film brings to life the changing nature of our planet like never before. We speak to the film’s director Jeff Orlowski.

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This Week on BeachWitch Way: ‘The Ice That Melted Me’ – Miami Beach News

August 26, 2014

Directed by Jeff Orlowski, this elegant portrait of climate change is reflected simply and effortlessly with stunning time-lapse photography of our ever-degrading glaciers. No banter. No conjecture. No preaching. The viewer is simply shown panoramic photographs captured over several years via remote cameras placed at some of Earth’s most formidable glaciers in the northern hemisphere.

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Chasing Ice – 2014 Emmy® Awards Nominee

Chasing Ice is honored to announce our 2014 News and Documentary Emmy® Nomination. The award is for Outstanding Nature Programing with our partner National Geographic.

The film made its TV debut on the National Geographic Channel on April 19, 2013. Since that day, Chasing Ice has screened in more than 172 countries and on all 7 continents.

We are grateful for all of our supporters like you who helped make this nomination possible!

The awards will be announced on September 30th, 2014.

Rep. Tiberi Declares Climate Change a Problem

June 12, 2014

During the Chasing Ice Ohio Tour in Spring 2014, Congressman Tiberi reached out to multiple constituents as well as the Chasing Ice team in response to questions about his stance on climate change. Prior to the Ohio Tour, the Congressman was listed as a climate change denier who did not feel there was a consensus on the science. However, his latest statement is:

“A global problem requires a global solution. An effective solution requires that all countries agree to participate together. I would like to see us address climate change in a balanced manner, on as broad of front as possible” 
Director Jeff Orlowski’s response to the news: “We thank the Congressman for acknowledging the reality of climate change and embracing the science. This comment was made in response to the hundreds of constituents sharing their concerns on this issues. Please continue to share your voice with the Congressman and your support for climate action.

Announcing our new website!

In response to meeting directly with Congressman Tiberi and his staff, we developed and launched a new website to share the voices of local residents and address questions and concerns to the Congressman: See all the messages from the public that we collected throughout the tour.

New videos for Congressman Tiberi

1. The Chasing Ice Team responds to Congressman Pat Tiberi’s questions about the scientific consensus around climate change. Click here to watch.
2. Reverend Jeff Jaynes prays for Congressman Pat Tiberi and other political representative at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio, April 2014. Click here to watch.
3. The Chasing Ice Team has posted our “Call to Action” video for Ohio residents. Click here to watch.
4. Mayor Coleman expresses his deep concern about climate change impacts in central Ohio as well as his concerns about political climate change deniers. Click here to watch.

Host a Summer Screening Event!

Free materials and DVDs with a special call to action video from Director Jeff Orlowski are still available for Ohio residents. Want to host an event? Just fill out our online screening form.

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Latest updates, events and resources from the Chasing Ice Team!

May 14, 2014

OSU Byrd Polar Research Center, one of our key partners of the Chasing Ice Ohio Tour is hosting an all day event tomorrow to learn more about climate change and how it impacts Ohio.

Byrd Polar (1) 
May 15th 8:30am to 4:00pm EST
Understanding Climate Change Risks and Identifying Opportunities 
Byrd Polar Research Center – Ohio State
1090 Carmack Rd, Columbus, OH 43210.



Spend the day learning more about the impacts of climate change on agriculture, forests, infrastructure, public health, and Lake Erie from some of The Ohio State University’s most respected scientists.

Scientists will discuss new reports that address the current science of climate change and share what does this information means for local businesses, government agencies, and the people of Ohio.

Keynote address: Rear Admiral Jonathan White who leads the U. S. Navy’s Task Force Climate Change.

Featured speakers: Dr. Lonnie Thompson, Dr. Ellen Mosley-Thompson, Dr. Jiyoung Lee, Dr. Jeff Reutter, Dr. Peter Curtis, Dr. Richard Moore, and County Commissioner Paula Brooks.

New Climate Change Reports Released

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability on March 30th Causes was published by The National Academy of Sciences and The Royal Society in late February. Visit the IPCC website to review both the summaries and full report. The National Climate Assessment released on May 4th provides an in-depth look at climate change impacts in the U.S. It details the multitude of ways climate change is already affecting and will increasingly affect the lives of Americans. Visit the Mid-west region section to review how climate change is specifically impacting you in Ohio.

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Latest Ohio Tour Highlights

Many thanks to Big Green Head and Green Energy Ohio for inviting the Chasing Ice team to participate in Green on the Green in Worthington, OH. At the event, three local musicians—Jesse Henry, Happy Chichester and Joey Hebdo– premiered their Chasing Ice inspired song!

Host Your Own Screening

Please contact us at to find out how you can host a screening for your community!

Ending the Debate.

April 16, 2014

A Chasing Ice fan wrote: “Pat, for your girls, please please please take this as seriously as you would take making sure they have a future.” She was a friend of Congressman Pat Tiberi, and said she would share a copy of Chasing Ice with him next week. She had never before talked with him about climate change.

Since early March, our team has been based in central Ohio to enact a new call to action strategy: What if we took Chasing Ice to one community and shared the film with as many people as we could? Then helped them reach out to their Congressperson on climate change?

We launched the Chasing Ice Ohio Tour with the sole purpose of supporting Rep. Pat Tiberi. As Representative of the 12th District in Ohio, Congressman Tiberi’s last statement on climate change was he “doesn’t think there is a consensus among scientists about whether global warming is proven.” Yet 97% of the scientific experts recognizes that man-made climate change is happening, and already 78% of the core of Rep. Tiberi’s district (Franklin County) recognizes that climate change is happening!

chasing-ice-news1That’s when we realized we could use Chasing Ice in this one community as a tool to inspire and engage the public—and possibly change the views of one of our nation’s lawmakers. Over the last month in, we have:

  • Conducted FREE screenings for over 5,200 people, including at key high schools, colleges, and local groups in central Ohio and District 12.
  • Given away over 1,400 educational DVDs.
  • Met with Rep. Tiberi and his staff in Washington DC. He and his team expressed great interest in seeing our research and data, plus all the messages we collect from the public.
  • Collaborated with over 60 local organizations to host events, including faith-based groups like the Catholic Climate Covenant and Interfaith Power and Light, as well as hunting and fishing groups, farmers, students and scouting groups.
  • Hosted over 30 events with 35 more lined up.
  • Received hundreds of messages of support from constituents of the Congressman, through posters, photos, and social media posts.
  • Connected the dots between world-wide changes and the local impacts happening in Ohio.

Why are we doing this? Because to properly address climate change, our leaders in Washington need to stop debating whether climate change is actually happening in order to take action. But these leaders are concerned that if they change their stance on climate change, they might lose votes and lose their job, which has happened to others.

As storytellers, we’ve realized that we could use Chasing Ice to reframe the issue and create an opposite effect. Through sharing the film, the public is not only able to become aware of the reality of the science and SEE the visual evidence of climate change, but also use this knowledge to support their representatives. Soon the Congressman will see that his constituents want him to rethink his stance, and that’s the only way for him to properly REPRESENT his district.

chasing-ice-news3If we can support one Congressman at a time to simply acknowledging the science of climate change, we can then create a movement across the country with other representatives to create the change we need. It’s only a matter of time until our political leaders are forced to take action on extreme weather and climate change.

It is our hope that Rep. Tiberi recognizes he has opportunity to lead the way. The future will revere those leaders who bring the two sides together on this critical issue. And we can do it in a way that recognizes the values of both the Democratic and Republican parties. We can affect change on climate change, but we need our leaders to embrace the science for us to get there.

Through use of Chasing Ice and the power of our collective voice, we can create a movement that turns the tide on climate change, one Congressperson at a time.

Jeff Orlowski
Director, Chasing Ice

If you want to tell Rep. Tiberi your thoughts, please be SUPPORTIVE and respectful, not attacking. Would you want to listen to someone criticizing and yelling at you?

To tweet his team: @tiberipress

Visit our Chasing Ice Website, redesigned for the Chasing Ice Ohio Tour. While you’re there, feel free to SUPPORT OUR EFFORTS in Chasing Action! Thanks very much.